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Capital Frolics

I’ll be honest and say right up front that London does little or nothing for me these days. I used to love it as a young man, although it did scare me a little, but of late it has struck … Continue reading

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Stanpit Marsh (Revisited)

As much as I liked the gnarly old bridges at Stanpit, they were a bit scary when it came to crossing them with a wheelchair, and the replacements (shown above) are much friendlier in that regard. Anyway, today we were … Continue reading

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Esmond Twizzle

This is what Es looks like if you grab her by the knees, spin her around hammer throwing style, and then take a picture of her when she is upright! Actually, this pretty much sums up the walks to the … Continue reading

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The Mighty Boosh – Bournemouth International Centre, 19th Nov 2008

The BIC has all the warmth and friendliness one normally associates with a modern warehouse, so it was with interest and mild trepidation that I saw The Mighty Boosh’s show transfer from one night at the warm, friendly Pavilion a … Continue reading

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GCSE 'O' Level Results Day – Top Marks For Ellen And Sam!

It was never really in doubt given the hard work they put in, but it’s still a relief to be able to say that both Sam and Ellen managed to pass every every subject they took. Here are the results … Continue reading

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Simon Amstell – Bournemouth Pavilion, 3rd May 2008

I like Simon Amstell and I like Bournemouth Pavilion so in theory this should have been a great night, especially since I was accompanied by my son Sam on our first proper gig together, along with Caz and Sam’s friend … Continue reading

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The Long Weekend

Increasingly it is the simple things that give me pleasure and the shiny new ones that frustrate me. The time spent gardening and cleaning this weekend was most satifactory, whereas the increasing amount of time I spend with labour-saving technology … Continue reading

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