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No, no, no… NO!

So, after a couple of days up in London I returned home to a horrific scene that no vinyl-loving person should ever have to witness: in my absence two records had been delivered… in Jiffy Bag mailers! The first, i … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher’s Legacy

So the wicked old witch who blighted our youth is dead. Friend to despot General Pinochet, military pimp to genocidal Pol Pot, staunch supporter of the Apartheid regime, ideological destroyer of industry and community, shill for Big Tobacco in Eastern … Continue reading

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God Save The Queen

I’ve been a bit out of sorts of late, despite the extra-long bank holiday weekend, and while watching some of the pageantry yesterday I started to make some sense of why that might be. Last week I happened in on … Continue reading

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The Flaming Lips – The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends

The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends is an odd album by any standards. Basically an experimental collaborative effort between The Flaming Lips, whose influence for the most part dominates, and numerous other artists from fairly diverse backgrounds. My copy arrived … Continue reading

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Record Store Day Rant

If you wander across to its Web site you’ll quickly discover what Record Store Day is: it’s essentially a celebration of the culture of independent record stores, where music fans are encouraged back into said stores by way of limited … Continue reading

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Democracy In Action

Desmond Swayne MP is the Conservative Member Of Parliament for New Forest West – the constituency I happen to live in. I emailed him recently as part of the 38 Degrees’ Stop Murdoch’s Power Grab Campaign, asking his opinion on … Continue reading

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This is a comment I wrote in response to this piece in The Independent On Sunday. I felt it had a bit more life in it than most of my comments and edited it a bit (a couple of corrections) … Continue reading

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Fragile, Please Handle With… Doh!

Okay, so having got lucky and scored a copy of the 1000-run limited edition coloured vinyl reissue of five Flaming Lips Warner Bros. albums, this was pretty much the last thing I wanted to find on my doormat when I … Continue reading

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Various Artists Aggravation

My Cowon D2+ recently decided that it didn’t like the combination of Rockbox and the 16GB SD card that it was installed on, so I reluctantly reverted back to Cowon’s operating system, since I couldn’t afford to randomly replace the … Continue reading

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So, once more the season of extreme and irrational consumption has been and gone, leaving in its wake depleted bank accounts, inflated guts and no doubt the odd fractured family. We were fortunate not to suffer too much, if at … Continue reading

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