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Seacombe/Hedbury Quarry

We’ve been talking about wild camping trips for a little while now, putting them off while we waited for the weather to settle. Six weeks or so after they were first discussed and with no sign of any stability or … Continue reading

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Capital Frolics

I’ll be honest and say right up front that London does little or nothing for me these days. I used to love it as a young man, although it did scare me a little, but of late it has struck … Continue reading

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Gnarly Tree.

I started this Picture-Of-The-Day lark with the intention of taking and posting at least one picture a day. Obviously this fell by the wayside pretty much as soon as I started it, but occasionally the notion is revived with the … Continue reading

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Picture(s) Of The Day: Cliff Erosion, Barton-on-Sea

This mini-album depicts a tiny vignette of the rapidly eroding cliffs at Barton-on-Sea in Hampshire, England. In the past 20 years or so I have seen vast chunks of the cliff disappear despite the vain efforts of the local council … Continue reading

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Picture Of The Day: Weathered Tree Stump

Dean and I went for a wander in the Forest today and I saw this weathered tree stump (or was it an old fence post?) as we clambered over the fence separating enclosures. There was plenty more to look at … Continue reading

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The Zutons – Bournemouth International Centre, 1st Dec 2008

Fortune smiled on me yesterday when I was invited along to see The Zutons at the BIC, albeit it at the expense of my friend’s sons who were too poorly too attend (hope you’re feeling better today guys!). There was … Continue reading

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The Little Things…

All of my ‘little things’ are getting big in one way or another this year. Barney turned 13 today, Esme hits 10 later in the month and the twins are 16 in late July. Anyway, rather than musing about the … Continue reading

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Two posts in one day – inconceivable indeed! A cursory glance at the history of this blog shows the frequency of posts to be irregular to say the least, so two postings in one day are a bit of an … Continue reading

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How to confuse Jon Vowles…

This is Jon Vowles: Okay, I should point out that this is in fact a picture of the young Hellboy, but believe me it’s close enough for you to get the general idea. Anyway, evidently he’s not acquainted with Jimi … Continue reading

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