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Magic Bus – Live At The King Arthur, Glastonbury 1st July 2016

I last saw Magic Bus at the King Arthur back in February of this year, and based on Friday’s performance I’d happy to go and see them again at a moment’s notice, as they were sublime┬áearlier in the year, and … Continue reading

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Neil Young – British Summer Time Hyde Park – 12th July 2014

First up I feel the need to say that Neil Young and the band (not quite Crazy Horse on account of Billy Talbot having suffered a stroke from which he will hopefully make a full recovery) played a professional, competent … Continue reading

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True Detective

HBO’s True Detective seems to have captured the attention of a good many people, and for the most part I think that was largely justified, although I would qualify that by saying there minor flaws that held it back a … Continue reading

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Thor: The Dark World

Having got the whole how-he-came-by-his-powers explanation out of the way in the first film (which was okay if not all that special), Thor: The Dark World doesn’t waste a great deal of time and gets stuck straight into the storyline. … Continue reading

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The Wire – The Conclusion

A few weeks ago I started watching Season One of The Wire and got totally hooked on it, to the point where I watched the final episode of Season Five the other night. Several times since I’ve tried to write … Continue reading

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The Black Keys – Live At The Crystal Ballroom

Thrilled by my recent purchase of The White Stripes’ Under Blackpool Lights, I thought I’d give The Black Keys’ similar offering Live At The Crystal Ballroom a go too. However, I received my copy about a week ago the same … Continue reading

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White Stripes-o-Rama!

Yup, there’s been a frenzy of Jack and Meg White related activity in Hordle over the past few days! First up I grabbed a copy of ‘Under Blackpool Lights‘, the live show they filmed back in 2006. I have to … Continue reading

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Silversun Pickups – Swoon

I like the Silversun Pickups – they’re a nice, fun, friendly bunch and they put on a good live show. Indeed, it was their electric performance of Lazy Eye on Later that first drew my attention to them and prompted … Continue reading

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Muse's Matt Bellamy: new rock visionary or old fashioned chump?

Sadly it would appear that the musically talented fellow is somewhat technologically challenged, at least that’s what I gather from his response to Lily Allen’s blog post about file sharing. Having read both Lily’s blog post on file sharing and … Continue reading

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Music Roundup

For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive a ton of music and music-related stuff, most of which I had asked for admittedly, but all of which really hit the spot – thanks everyone! I have listened to all … Continue reading

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