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Russell Brand – Messiah Complex, BIC 26th Oct 2013

Quite soon after the announcement of Russell Brand’s forthcoming stint as editor for the New Statesman, his subsequent article therein, and his grilling (okay, light toasting) by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight we found ourselves in his company at the Bournemouth International Centre watching … Continue reading

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Sometimes you stumble across a movie that is perfect for the occasion. In this instance the occasion was a Saturday night in front of the telly, and Red was perfect on account of our expectations being set suitably low, probably by last … Continue reading

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Ross Noble – Bournemouth Pavilion, 29th October 2010

Wouldn’t it be weird to find out that every minute of Ross Noble‘s live comedy routine was scripted, right down to the hecklers whose contributions cause the show to ping off in seemingly unpredictable directions? Given the ease with which … Continue reading

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I saw my first zombie movie when I was about 17 0r 18*, and it grossed/freaked me out so much that the next one I saw was Shaun Of The Dead, and that only with some trepidation some years after … Continue reading

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Eddie Izzard – Bournemouth International Centre, 23rd Nov 2009

I’ve enjoyed Eddie Izzard‘s broadcast work over the years and found him to be a charming guest on chat shows, so I was pretty chuffed when this tour was announced and I was able to grab some tickets. The BIC … Continue reading

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Al Murray – Bournemouth International Centre – 8th March 2009

Well, Bournemouth’s (unofficial) Comedy Festival drew to a close last night with Ross Noble,  Russell Brand and Al Murray all having played within the space of 8 days. Sadly Mr Murray, who had previoiusly delighted us with his subtle, subversive … Continue reading

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Caught Up In A Comedy Whirlwind!

Last week it was Russell Brand, last night it was Ross Noble, and tonight it’s Al Murray – it’s coming at us thick and fast! In fact, I have seen more comedy gigs this year than I have music, with … Continue reading

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Russell Brand – Bournemouth International Centre, 27th February 2009

Russell Brand’s last show at the BIC was a peculiar affair that went a little astray when he allowed himself to get riled by a heckler in the front row. Having seen him previously it was a little disconcerting to … Continue reading

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The Mighty Boosh – Bournemouth International Centre, 19th Nov 2008

The BIC has all the warmth and friendliness one normally associates with a modern warehouse, so it was with interest and mild trepidation that I saw The Mighty Boosh’s show transfer from one night at the warm, friendly Pavilion a … Continue reading

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Hot Fuzz

I tend to get around to things in my own good time and Hot Fuzz is no exception. Although an irrational fear of zombie flicks kept me away from Shaun Of The Dead for years, on this occasion, however, it … Continue reading

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