The Cosmic Dead – Inner Sanctum

CassetteArt.indd01 – Gustav Björnstrand
02 – The Mass of Betelguese
03 – Inner Sanctum
04 – Hello, SATAN

Oh well, another day, another Cosmic Dead release!*

Not that I am complaining mind you; here’s Evil Hoodoo’s blurb for this one:

Inner Sanctum is the new release from Glasgow’s psych gods The Cosmic Dead. With hints of Neu, Amon Düül II and Hawkwind amongst others, they carve their own path into the outer limits of space with this mind altering 74 minute, 4 track Kraut/Psych rock packed album. The latest release from Sheffield’s Evil Hoodoo. Out on limited edition cassette in a hand stitched cotton sleeve.

By and large I’d agree with that, although I’d stress that The Cosmic Dead aren’t so much derivative of these bands as respectfully revealing their influences in their own music. However, it’s probably a safe bet that if you like any of those bands/genres you’re going to love Inner Sanctum.

The first song, Gustav Björnstrand stomps off with the bass and drums setting the brisk pace while distorted echoey guitars hose down the listener until a spoken-word sample comes in. Initially it stands out as the most structured tune on the album, but by the end it is breaking down into its component parts and preparing the way for the roughly ordered chaos that is to follow.

And when you hit the second number, The Mass of Betelguese, you’re no longer rocketing through the void so much as swirling around in it, tossed by howling guitars and buffeted by slow, lumbering bass lines, with the jam-based origins of The Cosmic Deads songs that first attracted me to the band still very much in evidence.

Like all good psychedelic sounds his album really has the power to lock you in to the groove and send your mind elsewhere, and this is nowhere better demonstrated than by the third track Inner Sanctum’s insistent Krautrocking vibe; I can easily imagine pounding along the local lanes and public footpaths on a sunny day, steadily putting one foot in front of the other and drifting away with this playing on the headphones. It’s really hard to pick a high point of the album, but for me this title track is probably it.

Finally, Hello SATAN drops the pace and the volume, initially picking a cautious path which gradually becomes more and more intense and intimidating as you progress along it, only for it to fade out and dissolve as the album closes.

At 74 minutes long the album is a real trip and begging for a vinyl release in my humble opinion, although with the vinyl re-release of The Cosmic Dead (incidentally, an album that first appeared on cassette) just around the corner, I’m probably getting a wee bit ahead of myself there!

If you’ve yet to get into The Cosmic Dead and are inclined to do so may I suggest that this album is a fine place to start, although you’ll not go far wrong with the others either.

Hopefully they should be available for purchase soon in either of the following locations:

Finally, here’s some incredibly exciting Cosmic Dead news from their Facebook page:

So, late last year, we were honoured to be asked to play the annual Roadburn festival in Tilburg Holland. Marking what would be our first ever trip to Europe, we decided, with the aid of Swamp booking, to make the trip more of an extended stay. 4 whole weeks of playing various venues in various countries to be precise. A ‘tour’ I believe it’s called.

This tour also promotes the release of a few new albums, one being 4 songs / 70 minutes of multitracked headfuckery. This is being released on cassette via Sheffield based label Evil Hoodoo. The second release is a live album of our gig at the 13th Note back in January. Our good pal Luigi captured a great recording of this, and will be releasing it on cassette via his label Stabbed In The Back Records. The third is a split 10″ with Gnod, getting a release via Sound of Cobra recordings. We’re also happy to announce that our first two albums, The Cosmic Dead and The Exalted King, will both be available to purchase on double vinyl, as they’re getting re-releases on Cardinal Fuzz and Cosmic Eye respectively. We will also have prints and t-shirts for sale, including a brand new design by über talented illustrator Maarten Donders!

A split 10 inch with GNOD… a tour date within driving distance… how excited am I?

* Here is the download-only release announced just the other day, plus you can also find another cassette/download release called Live at The Note available for pre-order here.

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  2. Sean says:

    And here’s the vinyl, as released by Evil Hoodoo records:

    Go get it!

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