Cassette Roundup

anthroprophh tapes coverI’ve picked up a few cassettes recently, with the Anthroprophh Sonorous Nebula offering (shown above) on the Zamzamrec label  neck-and-neck in the weirdness stakes with Lumerians’ The Weaning The Dreaming (below).

lumerianssingleListening to these two tapes I find myself wondering why it is that the bands chose the cassette tape format over, say, CD-R or download for this more experimental stuff. Not that I am complaining mind, as I have rediscovered a fondness for the medium, but it strikes me as more of a faff for the artists.

At approximately 15 minutes a side Negra Branca’s offering (below) on the GNOD-related Tesla Tapes label is a neat little slice of electronica that, in all honesty, I doubt I would have taken a punt on were it a fully-fledged (and appropriately priced) release.


Out of the same stable comes Druss, another basic electronica offering that sits somewhere on the borderline where my musical preferences are concerned in this particular direction, but at £5 was certainly worth a listen and may yet still come good.


Finally in this particular batch is the GNOD / Bear Bones, Lay Low split; I am fond of split collaborations and this one is particularly nice as it introduces a new artist to me with the insurance of one that I know and love to back up the investment, as it were. (Dammit if I’m not listening to it now and really getting into it – heh, no one makes me look more stupid than me!)


PS while finishing off this piece I got an email advertising the pre-order of The Cosmic Dead’s Inner Sanctum cassette, which I had the good fortune to review a little while back. Of all the tapes I’ve mentioned here, this one screams “Buy a cassette deck!”

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