Goat – World Music

01 – Diarabi
02 – Goatman
03 – Goathead
04 – Disco Fever
05 – Golden Dawn
06 – Let It Bleed
07 – Run To Your Mama
08 – Goatlord
09 – Det som aldrig forandras Diarabi 

I must confess to having struggled with Goat purely on account of the sheer amount of hype and (faux?) mystery surrounding this their first album release. And while I am loathe to distrust the fabulous Rocket Recordings, the whole voodoo / illegal immigrant / masked appearance thing started to wear me down after a while, and I was glad for the opportunity to finally judge them on their music when I arrived home holiday to find a copy of World Music waiting for me.

So, does it live up to the rather aggressive hype that has preceded its release for the last few months? Well, contrary to the rave reviews I have read I would say both yes and no. That is to say yes if you are judging them mainly on side two of the album, which is sublime, and no if you factor in side one, which is a little patchier with occasionally shouty vocals that hold it back a little.

However, when it hits its stride on side two, it fully reveals the strong undercurrents of African and Asian music that power along the eclectic Swedish psych; it’s almost like the best of the DOODcast podcasts somehow compressed into a single album which has the ability to transport the listener on a exotic and mysterious psychedelic journey, albeit after a slightly bumpy start.

Overall it’s a very good first album that would appear to offer a promise of more to come, although the recent interview given to The Quietus by Goat’s Christian Johansson would seem to indiciate we should prepare ourselves for less as time goes on, which would be a shame if it turned out to be the case.

It’ll be interesting to see how their live performances are received, too,  given Mr Johansson’s assertion that this is where they excel, although once again we are told to expect them to be few and far between.

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