NAD C356BEE Amplifier

NADC356BEEThis post is one of a several drafts that I found languishing in WordPress, and as such is out of chronological order where the recent post about my new Rega RP3 turntable is concerned.

The NAD C356BEE was bought late in the summer 2012 to replace my NAD C325BEE, which, despite being a really great amplifier, at 50W output lacked sufficient grunt to power my Gale CS401 speakers.

Coming with an 80W power rating, excellent reviews and a solid reputation where handling difficult loads was concerned, the C356BEE embodied all that I loved about the C325BEE along with the added oomph I wanted to drive the Gales. Sadly it also came with a minor design fault carried over from the previous incarnation too, namely the rear mounted power button, but I can live with that.

Retailing at around the £550 – £600 mark it offers the sort of performance that normally comes at a higher price, which is something of a trademark where NAD is concerned, along with its somewhat sombre livery and utilitarian looks.

Apparently it is possible to have a phono stage fitted internally, but since I already have a pretty decent NAD PP3 device that allows me to digitise vinyl and tapesthat seemed like a waste of money. The alternative to fitting a phono stage is to fit a DAC, but to be honest I’m not sure what I’d do with one at this point, so that seems superfluous too.

The ability to easily hook up digital media players via the front panel is something I use from time to time, and the functionality to switch between different sets of speakers looks like it might be interesting, if only I had the room to set up different sets of speakers… *sigh*

Anyway, a glance at the rear reveals plenty of input options, plus the ability to hook it up to a separate power amp if desired.


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