British Sea Power – EP5

British Sea Power’s EP5 is theoretically the penultimate CD in the series, unless of course Krankenhaus North (AKA Mankenhaus) get its own release. As such this is the first to be released after the night it commemorates, although whether this was by accident or design isn’t clear. I do know that demand has been high for these and several of the earlier ones have already sold out, so if you are a fan of British Sea Power’s more experimental B sides then you probably want to act fast.

1 – Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow
2 – Wishful Thinking
3 – Radio Goddard
4 – Did You Recognise Yourself?
5 – Scafell Hotel
6 – Wishful Thinking (Bonus Mix) 

Having thereby labelled it with ‘B side’ status I’d like to add that this is by no means a derogatory term where BSP and I are concerned, as their B sides often have a lovely relaxed feel to them, which contrasts nicely with the more refined A sides and album material, providing an alternative view of the band.

And having said that there are a couple tunes included here that have A side and/or album track potential, and I seem to remember reading somewhere that we might see an album collecting the best of the EP* releases further down the line, although I may well have imagined that!

This release seems to focus mainly on an Open Season dreamy pop sound, and is maybe not as experimental as some of the earlier EPs, but a worthy addition to the set nonetheless.

As we approach the sixth and final release in the series perhaps the experiment is coasting gently to a halt? I’ll guess we’ll find out in a week or so, but regardless of whether is goes out in a blaze of glory or quietly bows out it’s been fun to follow and collect these EPs, plus it also supports a consistently excellent and hardworking band, so no bad thing however you look at it.

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