Cegvera – Creations (Dirty Filthy Records Nov 2017)

Cegvera – Crearions

My forays into the world of doom have rarely taken me further than Ufomammut or, more recently, Monolord, and as a result any meaningful comparisons I have to offer when reviewing Bristol band Cegvera’s Creations EP are therefore likely to be limited to these two great bands.

The fact that it is the inaugral release on new label Dirty Filthy Records certainly struck me as apt on the one or two occasions I found my lip curling into something of a leer at the speakers as they pumped out some crushingly bass-heavy dystopian fuzz, topped off with refreshingly abrasive guitar riffs guaranteed to cleanse and prepare the mind for the more atmospheric and melodic aspects of their songs.

Happily Cegvera demonstrate an ability to move agilely between soft and loud, using the spaces between the notes to really emphasise the delivery of raw power when needed, and I like the fact that, like White Hills, they are not afraid to bring politics into the mix, with spoken word samples referencing the horrific death toll of the War On Drugs and capitalism’s gradual homogenisation and enslavement of the human race… powerful and entirely relevant stuff in these turbulent times!

I gather that Creations is the band’s first outing on vinyl, and my only complaint is that I wanted more than the EP could offer, not in terms of quality, but rather quantity, so here’s hoping that this excellent release is a success for both the band and the label.

You can listen to it here, and interact with the band here.


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