Magic Bus – Live At The King Arthur, Glastonbury 1st July 2016


Jay Darlington – keyboards; Viv Goodwin – flute; Paul Evans – guitar, vox; Terence Waldstradt – lead guitar; Connor Spring – drums; Wihll Mellorz – bass (photograph by Dean Hind)

I last saw Magic Bus at the King Arthur back in February of this year, and based on Friday’s performance I’d happy to go and see them again at a moment’s notice, as they were sublime earlier in the year, and yet somehow managed to top that with this latest show.


It was business as usual when we arrived at ‘The Arthur’, with an interesting crowd mingling beforehand, as the band set up in the back. Dean, Rich and I were enjoying a drink or two as our old mate Andy strolled through the door accompanied by Mark, both having been lured down from North Devon by my promise of an excellent show, and making the whole thing just that little bit more fun.


Once again the format was to be two nice, long sets with a break in the middle where the band mingled and chatted with the audience. Connor (below) was particularly chatty, sitting down with Dean and telling him about new forthcoming projects, including the new Magic Bus album and a collaboration with the bassist Wihll if memory serves. We were pretty excited to hear about the new album and pressed the band for a vinyl release at every opportunity!MB9Both sets were passionate, full of light, happiness and energy, and once again I find myself dancing throughout, pausing only to snap the odd picture. The sound was of a similarly high quality and was perfect when it came to clearly separating out the individual instruments from the gorgeous, harmonious whole.

Magic Bus sailed a tight ship through wildly psychedelic seas, bathed in glorious light and shifting images, with the crew drawing upon various influences from an incredibly creative and exciting period in British music history, then expanding upon it with a genuine love of the past and an eye to the future, breathing new life into a fantastic genre and taking it to exciting new places, and as such they really are a must-see band!

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