Electric Moon live at Electrowerkz, London, 13th May 2016


There are great gigs, and then there are emersive, amazing, inspiring gigs. Can you guess which category Electric Moon’s appearance at Electrowerkz falls into? 🙂

Interestingly, having since heard a recording of the show, it was about more than just the music itself. I have been listening to Electric Moon for several years now and love their recorded work, but it was a combination of the audience, the venue, and of course Electric Moon’s stage presence that combined to make the unforgettable experience that had me wondering why it has taken me so long to see this band live.


En route to the venue we spotted a couple of fellows who had to be going our way, and engaged them in a conversation that confirmed this before we all dived into a noisy near-by pub for cheap(er) drinks before we headed into the venue. They were jolly, like-minded types and this put us in a good mood when we finally made our way into the gloomy, post-industrial venue.

The support band Enos sounded pretty good from the bar, where I found myself chatting to various folks throughout their set, which may sound a bit rude, but beats chatting away while a band are playing in the same room like so many people do these days.

Anyway, after a while it became apparent that Electric Moon were coming onstage so we made our way into a fairly packed room and gradually danced our way to the front as the crowd thinned out throughout the 80-minute performance.


We essentially got three numbers (jams I believe), each one building from humble beginnings into tumultuous, compelling numbers that saw me dancing from the beginning to the end, following the music’s  dence, unpredictable, twisting path as closely as I could, grining joyously, happy to be there in the moment that a unique psychedelic song snaked its way from string and skins and into our minds through the crystal clear sound system.

The set slipped by incredibly quickly and after the show the band graciously signed records and listened humbly to our happy praise, at the same time revealing themselves to be typical of the lovely generous artists who cater for our scene.

My advice to you is under no circumstances miss these guys because they are great live – even better than their impressive and highly sought-after records!

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