Kozfest 2015


I thought the six-month wait for commencing my Liverpool Psych Fest review was bad, then I discovered this lurking in the drafts folder! Oh well, let’s see what I can remember…

Kozfest has become a regular fixture in my calendar, and the same is true of all my friends who have made the pilgrimage to Deepest Darkest Devon for the tiny little festival that increasingly becomes more like a party for like-minded souls with a love of psychedelic/Kraut/space rock than a conventional festival.


This year’s line-up lacked some the ‘must-see’ draws for me of previous years, but no matter, since my experience of of those previous years taught me that all of the bands would be eminently worthy of my attention and lift my spirits. However, the ones that did catch my beforehand were:

  • Here & Now
  • The Cult Of Dom Keller
  • Da Captain Trips
  • System 7
  • Sendelica,
  • Vert:x


The weather did it’s best to put a damper on proceedings, but fortunately failed in its attempt. For sure there was the odd damp and muddy track, but there was also sunshine, lovely folk and great music, so who cares?

And speaking of the great music I arrived just in time to see vert:x play an ace set of punky space boogie, which is a pretty good way to kick off a festival that celebrates such things. This performance was notable over last year’s by the additional keyboard player in the lineup adding layers of space that allowed the rest of the band to really drive it home.

Dubbal_4_COL_1600x800_1The Cult of Dom Keller made a welcome return this year, leaving last year’s equipment hassles behind and laying down a punishing live set of entrancing, krautrocking dark psych is guaranteed to get feet shuffling in even the most statuesque punter.

Here & Now seemed to have really pulled everything together with this lineup, and with that cohesiveness and stability has allowed them to revisit some of the older songs, breathing new life into them and revealing new aspects which is nice for a band that I have been following on and off since the mid-80s.


System 7 played a great headline set which was divided into two sections, their normal techno set and then Gong-inspired set featuring various special guests including Graham Clarke, in tribute to the then recently departed Daevid Allen, and which went down very well.

Sendelica put on a great show and it was good to see them back in full force after the previous year’s pared down appearance; as much as I enjoyed that, this is how I like to see Sendelica, bringing weirdness and power to the festival in equal measure!

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