Black Bombaim at The Fat Fox, Southsea on 27th May 2015


Last night saw three of us make our way eastwards along the coast to Pompey (or more precisely Southsea), and The Fat Fox for the Champagne Justice bash headed up by no less than Black Bombaim, ably supported You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons and Melt Dunes.

When we arrived a the venue – a new one on me – we bumped into Black Bombaim who were sat outside in the last of the evening light. Not having spoken to them before I taken by how very down-to-earth and friendly they were, and if they were bewildered  by some random stranger walking up to them and interrupting the pre-gig reverie, they certainly didn’t show it.


The venue had a nice vibe and friendly staff, and the performance area was to be found tucked away in a dining area that had been re-purposed for the night, to the extent that some of the tables were used to extend the stage.

Melt Dunes were apparently a replacement for the previously-listed Dead Rabbits and made a really good account of themselves, coming across as a young band with a lot of ideas and energy, plus loads of potential.

You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons seemed to concentrate on the sound that dominates their latest album, which has its roots in punishingly heavy 70s rock embellished with some lovely contemporary twists that keep you on your toes, both literally and figuratively. For the first number the drummer Ryan “Howitzer” Howarth swapped places with guitarist Thomas Bone. And if you’re thinking the Howitzer reference is over the top you really need to stand a few metres in front of the kit for a few minutes!

Melt_Dune_01_B+W_1600x1200So finally we arrive at my second Black Bombaim show in 3 days, and taking this into account along with having just been wowed by the support, I am extremely glad to be able to report that they still managed to impress despite all of that and the depleted audience. Time flew by (indeed, this was true of the whole evening) as they gently ramped up the jam and then took off, slowing down occasionally to shift into a new song and blaze away again. I think what we heard was from their excellent Saturdays And Space Travels album, which you can listen to here and really should buy if you can, as it gives an excellent flavour of the band.

So in summary another great night in the company of fine friends and excellent musicians – thank you all!

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